Application Mapping: uncover IT unknowns
Before implementing and even planning any large-scale IT changes, you need to discover what you have right now and how it works together: data, business applications. This is what we are the best at.

Network connections in a datacenter and a business application diagram.


Reduce datacenter costs and electricity consumption by identifying unused servers, software, and other assets.
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Migrate: accelerate and reduce the risks of cloud, datacenter, platform-to-platform, consolidation, M&A, and other migrations from legacy IT.
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Help IT operations teams solve problems faster and prepare for disasters: maintain CMDB with actual application topologies and prepare recovery documentation.
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Be secure: protect against insiders and external threats: know your data and focus on the most important assets.
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Discover dark data: existing business data that is not being analyzed with BI tools for new business insights.
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Why Us

Application Mapping based dramatically less on labor and more on automation:
Typical application mapping tools auto-discover a gazillion of network connections and a subset of software and rely on the IT staff knowledge to perform the actual application and dependencies mapping. modelizeIT RejuvenApptor™ auto-identifies logical groups of IT components and meaningfully auto-diagrams them so that in many cases no IT staff interviews are necessary to map and analyse applications.

We are discovering what nobody knows is unknown:
Enterprise IT environments are complex and rapidly changing. Their documentation is always incomplete and never catches up with reality. People who create and maintain them forget the information or leave. As a result, there is always some knowledge that is lost or known incorrectly. Worse yet, nobody knows what is not known.
Known information: some types of information like servers inventory is commonly well documented (e.g., in CMDBs).
Undocumented: tribal knowledge of IT staff can be aggregated using labor-costly interviews and questionnaires. Traditional discovery tools can only help this process.
Unknown uknowns: lost knowledge or incorrect knowledge by IT staff. Interviews and traditional discovery tools are not very useful here. modelizeIT RejuvenApptor™ uncovers business application logic and can handle it.

Minimal IT staff involvement:
Your IT personnel is busy. Our system eliminates the need for most if not all the data-collection interviews.

Fast turn-around:
Our record is 7 calendar days from the first call from the client until the time the reports were delivered for a 700-server datacenter. No firewall exceptions or new user accounts are required.

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The expediency and accuracy with which modelizeIT mapped out our enterprise applications and provided Oracle licensing information across our datacenters was impressive.
Val Taft, Principal Infrastructure Architect, Construction Inc., a $2.5B public construction concern, member of the S&P 400 Index .
We use ModelizeIT to discover, inventory and measure our customers' data centers use of certain technologies and what servers are used and not used in our effort to consolidate and migrate their systems to the Cloud. The ease of use and accuracy greatly benefits our team and enhances our services to assist our customers with a smooth transition to the Cloud.
Jim B, Centroid Systems, a Top 25 Strategic Oracle Partner. Centroid Systems

The name modelizeIT stands for "modeling" "IT" in order to make "it" a model for others to copy and use as an example. Our core research team are Physics and Computer Science scientists trained to properly model complex natural systems.

Our mission is to bring innovative research technologies into corporate IT management, large-scale IT transformations, and business decision making. Our team has worked with the world's largest corporations and has been recognized with a number of prestigious awards from research, industry, and major professional associations. We regularly share our expertise with graduate students at the leading higher education institutions including Columbia University and NYU.
modelizeIT Inc is supported by the New York State via CEBIP: